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UB Photo shoots - not so easy as it seems!

Posted on 08 January 2016

         Here at Ukie Boutique, we really enjoy doing our photo-shoots with our dear friend and talented Photographer Anna Kalyta (http://www.aaphotography.ca ). However one does not realize the amount of preparation it takes to do these photo shoots. At times we must laugh because it is not as “glamorous” as the photo’s suggest. Now, being amateurs at this whole modelling thing (and quite frankly at Everything involved in Ukie Boutique!!), we are really just learning as we go. Seeing what works, what doesn't, where to shoot, what props to use, how to make things more personal and most importantly how to portray the clothing we sell in a modern and trendy way for our customers to wear. Right from the beginning we wanted to be able to show our clothing off on a real model with life, love and character. We enjoy using real people from all shapes and sizes! Our “models” are our friends, our friends' children, our friends’ husbands, etc.  We all have some good laughs together while trying to get the best shot and we hope the fun we have is portrayed in our photos.

Changing outside in minus temperatures!Changing in Minus temperatures! Hustkas come in handy :)

 Our outdoor shoots recently were also fun – although challenging. Having to walk in heels up and down hills and rocks is always a team effort. As you will see in the photo below, we assisted each other while others laughed! As they say “no Pain, no gain” right?

 With that being said, we sometimes do not know when our new inventory is arriving so with a surprise package, we must snap shot our new items on our lovely mannequins. We have two beautiful mannequins that we purchased from Home sense (who doesn't love that store!!!?) whom we have named Katya and Giselle. Katya was our first “employee” at Ukie Boutique and Giselle soon joined us a few days later. Both are tremendous at their job and do not complain when they are over worked.  Although these are not our “ideal” way to portray these items, it is the quickest means before our next photo shoot is planned.

But in all honesty, we couldn't do this without Anna Kalyta's artistic talent and patience. Our photos are wonderful and we have had so much positive feed back from so many about our photos and design of website. She really is a wonderful at what she does and is always ready for whatever we throw at her. Her directions and placements also help for our photos to come out the way they do! We are truly grateful for having her as a part of this journey.




****A CALL TO ALL MODELS: We are always looking for fresh new faces, whether it is your child (all ages) or yourself. We even accept to take your husband off your hands for a few hours while we get him to model some of our clothes (Hah!) (Please note:  we prefer them fed and happy before they arrive J )



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